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"DES. she has the most hideous choices for color and is color tone blind, no lie. she believes her coloring sucks and she KNOWS that she needs to improve a lot. even if it means blinding her friends in the process, heh. she usually colors during the random-est time in the day and you might never know when it'll happen! so yes, she is a horrible procrastinator. 8( BOO!" "LI. the spazzy flail sandwiched between these two awesome people. tends to start panels and then completely forget about their existence. she has a complex to make awkwaaaaaaard noises a lot when anyone implies her colouring is not-crap. but she's thrilled to be here with these two lovelies~ and looks forward to making some panels go-go-go! "JINI. a newbie colorist, who's still amazed that what she makes doesn't look too much like complete crap lol. but she's learning and definitely improving. she's very OCD when it comes to her own work; if it doesn't look right (to her), she'll obsess and work on it until it does. kinda lazy since she'll only color when the urge suits her or when she absolutely has to. also has this crazy tendency to go overboard with the amount of coloring she does."

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